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(a) Financial settlement to take place by cash at the start of the performance(s), or by Direct Bank Transfer no later than fourteen days prior to the performance(s). 


(b) If additional performance time is required, the fee for such time must be agreed with, and paid to the Artiste(s) at that time.


(c) All other methods of payment will be by mutual agreement.


(d) In the event of none payment, a charge of no less than £50.00 will be added to the outstanding amount with immediate effect.


(e) If the total amount outstanding is not received within 30 days, an interest charge of 4% above bank base rate (as set by National Westminster Bank) will be added, and every 30 days thereafter.




(a) This contract reflects the verbal agreement, and shall include any terms and conditions agreed prior to its issue, and shall be deemed accepted unless a written objection is received within fourteen working days of the issuing date.


(b) No alterations may be made to this contract by, either the Management or the Artiste(s) without prior approval by, the Management or Artiste(s).



(a) In the event of the Management wishing to cancel this contract for any reason other than Act of God or National Disaster, any advance payment made will be forfeited, or a cancellation fee of not less than one half of the agreed fee will be due.


(b) If the cancellation is within forty-five days of the performance the whole of the agreed fee will be due.




(a) In the event of the Artiste(s) wishing to cancel the contract, the Artiste will indemnify against the cost of loss and, or damage in full, unless due to accident or sudden illness. In this event a medical certificate signed by a medical practitioner, must be supplied to the Management and within ten working days. (b) In the event of the client seeking compensation, will not be liable under any such claim, and the contracted Artiste will only be liable for a sum up to and not exceeding the contracted amount.




(a) reserves the right to substitute a similar Artiste(s) in the event of the contracted Artiste(s) being unable to appear for any reason.




(a) will not be liable for non-fulfilment of this contract by the Management and, or the Artiste(s), although every reasonable precautions will be taken.




(a) The Management will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling, and removal of equipment (normally one to two hours). (b) The Management also ensures that safe and adequate power is available. (c) The Artiste(s) ensures that any equipment that requires connection to a power source is electrically safe and conforms to the HSE EAW Act 1989, and any amendments thereafter, and supply proof if requested. (d) The Artiste(s) must provide, if requested proof of Public Liability Insurance for each person involved in the performance. (e) Failure to provide appropriate documentation, as mentioned above, may result in the artiste(s) not being allowed to perform. Legal action may be taken by the Management and / or, for the recovery of losses incurred. 




(a) Any re-engagement of the Artiste(s) must be transacted through, also any enquiry to the Artiste(s) in respect of any engagement by guests, customers and, or staff must be transacted through, no personnel cards, telephone numbers literature, are to be shown or exchanged.




(a) The Artiste(s) is responsible for any taxes due, arising from this performance, and will indemnify from such taxes should a claim arise.




(a) The Artiste(s) and there assistants will conduct themselves in a proper manner throughout their attendance at the venue, and will respond to the Managements reasonable requests as to volume, siting of equipment and, or any other reasonable requests. (b) The Management will supply suitable changing facilities where required.




(a) The Artiste(s) shall be in no way liable for breach of byelaws, or conditions under which the venue is leased, hired or entrusted to the Management. (b) The Management also ensures that all appropriate licenses, as required by law, are in force at the time of the performance(s).




(a) The Management will provide adequate supervision of its guests, customers and, or staff at the venue, and will be liable for any loss of, or damage to, the equipment, vehicles, or personnel belongings, caused by guests, customers and, or staff. (b) Abuse from management, guests, customers and or staff will not be tolerated, and will result in the performance being terminated with no loss to the Artiste(s) or




(a) The Artiste(s) and the Management offers assurance that no previous contract exists that may prevent the Artiste(s) from fulfilling the performance(s) referred to in this contract and subsequently, no such contract will be entered into from the date of signing.




(a) Light refreshments and soft drinks to be made available to all artiste(s) and their assistants, where they are required to be “on site” for more than 5 hours. (b) If the Artiste has travelled a distance to perform and it is not viable for them to make the return journey, then suitable accommodation must be supplied at no charge to the Artiste(s) or

15. operates within the provisions of the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses 2003. 16. E. & O.E.

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