We can't wait to see you at Si's Birthday Party.  As part of the evening we have a Professional Cocktail Mixologist walking us through making 2 amazing Cocktails.  We hope you will join in.  You will need the following...

Equipment needed: 

Equipment needed


Cocktail shaker


Muddler, bar spoon



Pour spouts (optional) 

Ice scoop




You can buy a Cocktail Kit like this one from Amazon...

5 Pieces Home Cocktail Shaker Set

You will need ice for shaking the cocktail, 1 cocktail style glass (martini glass or coupette), and 1 regular tumbler. 


Ingredients Shopping List:


Mint leaves (1 pack)

Caster sugar

Limes (1 pack - typically contains 5 limes) 

Orange juice

Pineapple juice

Coconut puree - puree will be best, but cream of coconut can substitute (recommended brands are coco lopez, coco Real) 


Rum (light or dark your choice) 



*with alcohol please do not get miniatures, these will work for our zoom session, but there won't be anything left if you want more! A minimum of 50cl bottles will be great. 


Crushed ice - if you cannot get crushed ice, cubed will work, but have a hammer handy ;) 

Final note* If you are unable to get a blender we can create the same cocktail shaken so have some cubed ice on the side. 


Happy shopping :)


Gin in the garden


50ml Gin 

100ml orange juice

4 lime wedges

2 bar spoons of sugar

6 mint leaves


Glass: highball

Ice: crushed

Method: muddle and churn

Garnish: mint sprig & straw


Start with the mint and the sugar at the bottom of the glass. Add the lime wedges on top. Muddle these together to get the lime juice out. Next fill the glass with crushed ice and now we can add the liquid. Gin and orange juice. The glass should look fairly full at this point, but we need to churn everything so that all the ingredients mix together nicely.

(imagine you are whisking an egg) Once the mint and limes are mixed up into the drink and not sitting at the bottom of the glass, we add some more crushed ice on top and we add a mint sprig garnish next to the straw. Remember to slap the mint sprig to wake up the aromas.

Pina Colada 


25ml rum

25ml malibu

25ml coconut puree (make sure its not hard, should be a thick creamy texture)

100ml pineapple juice


Glass: tall or cocktail glass (martini/coupette) 

Method: blended or shake and strain

Ice: crushed

Garnish: none


Starting off with our shaker or blender, this one is much simpler. Just add all ingredients into either one. And about a cup worth of crushed ice for the blender or if you are shaking it, just fill the shaker with big cubes of ice. Blend until all ice chunks have been broken down or shake thoroughly until the outside of the shaker has frosted over. Now simply strain your cocktail into your glass, or pour it out from your blender. And Voila! Enjoy. Side note, if you have crème of coconut, usually this comes in a tin, make sure it is a liquid form. If it is kept in a fridge it may go solid – do not add water to melt it, as this will dilute the flavour and wont taste very good. Heat it up instead. Put the container in some boiling water for about 5mins, this should soften the crème.